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We are the premier roof cleaning service in Southern California that provides safe and effective methods to rid your roof of unsightly and harmful organisms.  We remove moss, algae, lichen, mold and fungi using only non-toxic solutions that are pet safe and eco-friendly.



Moss Hazards

Roof moss/algae destroys roofs and could cause structural damage if not treated. They can also cause health issues.  If moss/algae is visible, damage is already under way.  To restore your roof to new and rid it of damaging organisms, call us immediately.

Other Services

In addition to roof cleaning, we provide exterior cleaning services to help maintain your entire property and keep it beautiful. We clean Decks, Patios, Siding, Stucco, Brick, Driveways, Tennis Courts, Awnings, Outdoor Furniture, Garden Features, etc.


Save Thousands By Having Your Roof Cleaned

roof_mossHave you noticed unsightly roof moss on your home or business?  Roof moss and related algae will destroy your roof and cause severe damage if not treated.  These organisms attach themselves to dirt found on roofs through a root system called “rhyzoids”.  These roots retain water and foster the growth of other types of algae and molds.  If not treated properly, these organisms can find their way through the roof material and compromise the structural integrity of the building.  This will lead to costly repairs in the future that will not be covered by your insurance company.

Why pay thousands for a new roof when you can preserve the one you have?  Moss and algae will continue to destroy your roof if not removed, so call Roof Moss Pros to help you fight the roof moss plague.

Health risks associated with roof moss are often overlooked.  These organisms will flow off the roof in microscopic amounts, landing on walkways, and eventually finding their way inside your home.  Defeat the moss before it finds its way into your home.

Roof Moss Pros is a full service company that is fully insured and licensed by the state of California.  We are certified by the EPA for lead-safe renovations and repairs along with OSHA 30 certification for workplace safety.

We pride ourselves on providing 100% satisfaction to our clients and having a clean, safe and friendly work environment.

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Thank you for contacting Roof Moss Pros. We pride ourselves on using only non-toxic, pet-safe, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

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